• Q Acoustics 2020
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Great speakers that have been pushed out by newer, even better rivals
Big presentation
great weight and dynamic fluidity
smooth, detailed vocals
Don’t quite match the best in class for punch
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Although not particularly tall or wide, the Q Acoustics 2020s have deep cabinets. 

That probably won’t make much difference if you’re putting them on stands, but if they’re bookshelf-bound, you’d better make sure they’ll fit first.

The good news is that there’s no right or wrong answer where positioning is concerned. 

You get extra weight near a wall and extra speed when in space, but neither is bad, so you can pick what suits. 

They’re neat, too, with bi-wirable speaker terminals sited underneath.

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The 2020s major in scale and weight, which works wonderfully with the big sweeping soundtrack from Inception. They’ve a lovely, delicate way with vocals, too. 

Play some full-on beat-based music from the likes of The XX, though, and the Qs come a touch unstuck, with that slightly rounded-off approach depriving you of a little of the intended impact. 

Still, if that kind of thing’s not your bag you can buy the 2020s with confidence. 

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Q Acoustics 2020
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