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Solid, strong and very effective, the Minim is a pricey but very effective upgrade for a good hi-fi
solid, sturdy, adjustable
great sonic performance
only in black
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Partington is better known for its acclaimed loudspeaker stands (the company has notched up several Awards in recent years), but the Minim hi-fi rack looks set to be every bit as successful as its siblings.

A typically solid, sturdy affair, it's an all-metal design with glass supporting shelves, and is available in any colour you like – so long as you like black.

Adjustable shelf heights can cope with different-sized pieces of equipment, and sonically, the Minim is true to Partington form. With a suitable hi-fi in situ, you'll enjoy deep, agile bass, a more open and expressive midrange, and treble that never sounds harsh. In the right set-up, then, a great buy.