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The 2009 Panasonics have taken up where the 2008 models left off: the TX-P42G10 is fine value for money
Good spec includes Freesat reception
fine ergonomics
stable, radiant and detailed images
Sound is ordinary
chassis looks bulky
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Most manufacturers made their minds up pretty early about the various pros and cons of the LCD v plasma technology debate.

Panasonic decided plasma is the way to go for bigger screens (37in and over). This one is from the new Panasonic G10 range, and that means it's got some excellent goodies in among the more workaday specifications like 1080p/24fps, Full HD resolution.

The on-board Freesat HD tuner is probably the most tangible benefit, but who wouldn't also be at least intrigued by a contrast ratio deemed to be 'infinite'? Exactly.

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Panasonic's on-screen menus are the usual standard fair – they're not broken so the company has sensibly chosen not to fix them – and the TX-P42G10 can be set up quickly and comprehensively.

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Broadcast TV reception is impressive - even the analogue tuner offers natural colours and coherent motion tracking.

Freesat tuner delivers lustrous imagesAnd there's no doubt you'll get bored by the current HD content of the Freesat platform before you get bored of looking at the lustrous, detailed and refined images the Freesat tuner delivers. Oh, for more HD channels.

A switch to DVD movies brings more good news. Even in the blackest of scenes, the Panasonic offers strong levels of detail and exemplary contrasts. Motion is handled tidily, and colours are neutral, subtle and believable.

Up the ante to Blu-ray discs at 1080p/24fps, and the 'G10's command of colour, contrast and detail is even more impressive. Very complex patterns can cause it a moment's anxiety, but it's a very impressive plasma set overall.

The G10 is a relatively bulky 11cm deep, so you might hope it delivers better than the usual 'two-wasps-playing-paper-and-comb' TV sound, and this is the only disappointment.

Otherwise, this TV upholds Panasonic's proud reputation in compelling style.

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