• Panasonic SC-HC55DB
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You can’t argue with the spec sheet and we’re suitably impressed with the sound
Form and function
wireless Bluetooth
decent sound
clever controls
Lacks a little oomph and refinement, especially with deep bass notes
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The ‘compact stereo system’, for that is how Panasonic refers to the SC-HC55DB, has come a long way.

Ambling in to view blessed merely with the tools to play a CD, receive FM radio or dock an iPod, just doesn’t cut it any more. So this system packs in a CD player, an iPhone/iPod dock, FM and DAB tuners, Bluetooth support, USB and auxiliary inputs, and even a headphone connection. Not bad for £240.

If you remember being left agog by a Bang & Olufsen system that could be opened with a Jedi-like motion of the hand, you’ll be pleased to hear the two sliding doors – covering the dock and CD transport – can be opened and closed in similar fashion.

CDs are pushed in to place, while the iPod dock leans forward to welcome your iPod before being nudged back in to a ‘locked’ playback position.

Full control with the remoteAn arguably unnecessarily chunky remote control affords you full control from selecting your source of choice to skipping tracks and adjusting the volume. A selection of EQ settings are programmed in – we favoured ‘clear’ or ‘flat’.

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We’re pleasantly surprised by the sound. There’s decent scale, it will go pretty loud without setting your teeth on edge, and vocals have weight and authority.

It’s a bit lacking in the bass department, the depth offered by Drake’s Over barely registering, but that’s no surprise for a device this size.

If you’re after an all-in-one for not-a-lot of cash, this is a decent solution.

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