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Joint campaign with US Customs has seen 32 shipments of counterfeit products seized in just over a year

The organisation behind the HDMI standard has announced success beyond its expectations in the blocking of unlicensed products.

HDMI Licensing's joint project with the US Customs and Border Protection agency, which started in January last year, has already stopped 32 shipments of products using counterfeit HDMI technology, and the organisation is already planning to extend the campaign to the EU and other territories, working with local customs inspection authorities.

It says that 'Since January 2010, 32 shipments containing counterfeit HDMI products such as cables and adapters, DVD players and electronic projectors have been seized or destroyed at U.S. ports including Alaska, California, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Texas, Washington State and Virginia.

'The success of this program has exceeded our expectations. Shipments of HDMI products are now stopped at the border and inspected to ensure that the products are sourced from licensed Adopters as well as compliant with the HDMI specification and trademark guidelines. Those products that cannot prove compliance are then seized by CBP.'

Steve Venuti, president of HDMI Licensing, says that 'We are committed to protecting the 1,000+ HDMI adopters and the many consumers who use HDMI products by enforcing the HDMI trademark against counterfeiters.

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'It is our goal to have only legitimate and authentic HDMI products on the market and [this] enforcement is one of many strategies we utilise as a part of our larger global strike against counterfeiters.'Follow on Twitter Join on Facebook