Sony DLC-HE20V
Line-up includes flat cables and models with horizontal and vertical swivel plugs

New from Sony is a complete range of high-speed HDMI cables, supporting 3D, HDMI Ethernet Channel and Audio Return Channel.

As well as standard and 'flat' cables, the line-up includes models with Type C mini HDMI connectors for camcorders, as well as designs with vertical or horizontal swivel HDMI plugs, suitable for use with wall-mounted TVs and in other situations where access is limited.

All the cables also support 4K video, at resolutions up to 3840x2160 pixels – or four times the current 1080p Full HD standard – and extended colour spaces. The connectors are all gold-plated, and shaping of the plug bodies makes it simple to 'feel' which way round the connector is – handy for 'blind' hook-ups.

The basic model is the DLC-HExxP, available in 1, 2, 3 and 5m lengths, with prices starting at around £30 for the DLC-HE10P 1m version, while the upmarket DLC-HExxHF flat cable comes in the same sizes plus 10m: a 10m DLC-HE100HF is £189.

The two cables with swivel connectors come in 1m and 2m versions, the DLC-HExxH having a horizontal swivel at one end, and the DLC-HExxV having a vertical swivel: a 1m DLC-HE10H is £39, and a 2m DLC-HE20V £49.

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Finally there are the DLC-HEMxx models, with a standard HDMI at one end and a mini Type C HDMI connector at the other: the 1.5m DLC-HEM15 is £39, and the 3m DLC-HEM30 £49.

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