Share your music collection with the world with Meridian's 'My Collection' campaign

Meridian Audio has launched the ‘My Collection' campaign on social networking website, Facebook, aiming to get users to share images and details of their music collections online.

The three-month long campaign will invite users to upload an image of their CDs to the ‘My Collection' group page and share information on the quantity of music which they own, how it is organised, and artists which they have recently re-discovered.

Visitors to the site are encouraged to provide their own reaction to any of the photos already featured and identify their favourites – in other words, have a good nose through other people's CDs and/or vinyl.

As well as the Facebook campaign, Meridian will be keeping followers of its Twitter feed (@meridianaudio) up to date with the latest additions to 'My Collection'.

Graeme Taylor, Global Head of Marketing, Meridian Audio, said about the launch: “The social networking campaign gives Meridian Audio the unique opportunity to engage with over 300 million people worldwide and encourage users to re-discover the enjoyment of listening to music which they already own.”

If you want to get involved, head to Facebook and enter Meridian Audio ‘My Collection' in the search facility to access the group.

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