Samsung says it will launch a 50-inch Micro LED TV this year

Samsung says it will launch a 50-inch Micro LED TV this year
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Micro LED TVs look like the future, and they could be one step closer to becoming a realistic proposition. Samsung has announced a 50-inch microLED TV – by far its smallest yet, FlatpanelsHD reports. Now if only it could do something about the price...

Micro LED TVs are self-emitting like OLED, so don't require a backlight. But instead of using organic light emitting diodes they use tiny, non-organic LEDs. This means they can go brighter (a longstanding problem with OLED, although great strides are being made in this area), last longer and be more efficient to run.

Samsung has been showing off microLED TVs for years, though they have tended to be 'wow' sets like 2018's 146-incher. Impressive tech demos? You betcha. Completely impractical? Indeed.

But a 50-inch Micro LED TV shows the tech is closer to becoming more useful.

Unfortunately, details of Samsung's set are a little thin on the ground. All Samsung would say is that its 2023 Micro LED range will span from 50 to 140 inches, and will offer "unparalleled picture quality". It also said that the technology is modular, and so can be completely customisable to fit a consumer's desired setup. Could Samsung offer a bespoke TV size creation service? Watch this space...

Samsung's 2023 Micro LED range will comprise TVs in 50-, 63-, 76-, 89-, 101-, 114- and 140-inch sizes. Details like availability, resolution, dimensions and pricing are still yet to be confirmed, but we know one thing for sure – they won't come cheap.


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