NEWS: Expanded hi-fi range from Harman Kardon due in April

Confirming its commitment to stereo hi-fi, as well as multichannel home cinema, Harman Kardon is boosting its range of hi-fi components for 2008.

Due out in April are two new CD players, an 80w stereo integrated amplifier and a DAB/FM/AM tuner. A flagship 150w-per-channel stereo amp will follow in September.

The HD 990 CD player shown above (£350) has balanced XLR outputs, coaxial and optical digital inputs, auto set-up and Harmon Kardon's Real-Time Linear Smoothing (RLS III) technology to create a more "spacious, richly detailed sound".

It's joined by the £250 HD 980 CD player, and the £275 TU 980 DAB/FM/AM tuner (below).

Amplification comes in the form of the £350 HK 980 and the flagship HK 990, which is expected to retail for around £1000.

The HK 990, shown below, has balanced XLR inputs and outputs, coaxial and optical digital inputs, MM and MC phono inputs, USB connectivity, Real-Time Linear Smoothing Technology (RLS IV), dual subwoofer outputs, 2.2-channel EzSet/EQ room optimisation and a High-resolution Synchronisation Link.

The latter uses an RJ45 cable and connection to provide a direct digital link between the amp and CD player.

There are also two stereo receivers in the new line-up, the £350 HK 3490 (2 x 120w) and the £275 HK 3390 (2 x 80w). Both will be available in April.

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Andy Clough

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