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NEWS: Batman Begins unfolds on Blu-ray

No doubt, like us, you're in something of a continual state of saving; that next piece of hi-fi, the latest DVD, that AV rack – there's always something looming around the corner that will demand you part with your hard-earned cash.

So here's something else to add to your list: Batman Begins on Blu-ray, complete with a smart packaging box and fold-out artwork. Out on July 14th, this looks like a must-buy for film buffs.

Timed to coincide with the July 25th release of The Dark Knight – the next installment in the Batman series – the Batman Begins Blu-ray boxset is the first release from Warner Video to feature the 'picture-in-picture' technology.

This should unearth some extra functionality, for example allowing you to watch a video of the director's commentary in the corner of the screen as you watch the main film.

As well as plenty of additional unseen content, there are three hidden 'Easter Eggs' containing hidden links to behind the scenes footage and special features.

Further details are unconfirmed but we hope the UK release will have a Dolby Digital TrueHD soundtrack, just like the US version.

As mentioned above, the package features a 3D lenticular sleeve and collectable art cards. With a retail price of £24, the race is on to find the best price...

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Joe Cox
Joe Cox

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