Latest 3D TV data shows Samsung owns almost half the market in both North America and Europe

LG may be talking a good game when it comes to plans for its Film-type Patterned Resistor passive technology to win out in the 3D TV format war, but latest statistics show it has some way to go.

Korean rival Samsung is the dominant force in 3D TV in both North America and Europe, accounting for almost half of all sales in both markets in the first quarter of this year, while LG's sales give it less than 10% market share.

Samsung's 3D TVs took a 48.8% share of the US market in the first three months of the year, with Sony on 27.4%, Panasonic 13.9% and LG just 6.6%.

In Europe the pattern was even more striking: Samsung's share was 49.9%, Sony's 23.4%, Panasonic's 10.2% and LG 7.7%.

Plans for rapid uptake of the FPR technology look like they have quite a mountain to climb. Despite the appeal of the system's simpler, less expensive polarised glasses – in place of the powered active-shutter glasses favoured by Panasonic, Samsung and Sony –, active-shutter TVs account for 88.5% of the North American 3D TV market, and 83.5% in Europe.

The figures, announced by Samsung, come from market research companies NPD (North America) and GfK (Europe).

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