JAPAN NEWS: Yamaha's new micro and desktop systems come in many colours

Yamaha MCR-140

It's going to be available in no-less than 10 striking colours, and has speakers that can be positioned directly next to the main unit or spaced-out for greater stereo imaging.

The MCR-140 is essentially the same as the MCR-040, but adds Yamaha's AirWired wireless iPod dock.

This latest generation of AirWired is said to offer improved sound quality over last year's version, as well as full iPhone compatibility.

Both models will hit shops imminently, with the MCR-040 being priced at £200, and the AirWired MCR-140 at £275.

Bedside unit with iPod dock
Also hitting shops this month is the TSX-80, an FM/DAB bedside unit with an iPhone-compatible iPod dock.

Once again, styling is high on the agenda, so the TSX-80 is available in three colours and has a high quality LED clock that shines right through the front panel.

Sound quality hasn't been forgotten, though, so the TSX-80 has a downward-firing bass unit to compliment the two drivers on the front, as well as DSP tuning to add width to the stereo image.

There's even something called IntelliAlarm, which wakes you by gradually increasing the volume of your designated music, so as to avoid the ‘stress' of a standard, sudden beep.

The TSX-80 is expected to retail for £200.

Keep an eye on our blog section for full specs and pictures of Yamaha's entire Spring 2010 product range.

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