Ixos Overture XHP425-150
£60 model claims performance to match £100+ rivals, and extensive RF shielding

New from Ixos is the Overture XHP425-150 mains cable, designed as an entry-level upgrade for a wide variety of systems.

With its combination of high-quality conductors, geometry and shielding, it claims substantial reduction in interference and noise. It costs £60 for a 1.5m length, and its performance is said to match that of rivals costing £100 or more.

The cable uses Pure Oxygen-Free Copper conductors, tightly wound in a twisted pair geometry to reject and reduce both electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, and braid shielding to protect against external RF and EMF.

In addition ferrite cores are used for additional noise suppression, and the plugs are gold-plated for optimum contact.

The cable is available now.