Ecosse slashes cable prices

Ecosse The Producer

"In these difficult economic times, we are acutely aware that cables are a luxury item," says Ecosse managing director Elliot Davis."We are cutting prices on some of our best-selling cables for the next three months."

The price cuts take effect immediately on the following products:

The Producer digital interconnect 0.8m £14.99 (was £17.61)

CS2.4+ biwire speaker cable £2.99/m (was £5.87/m)

Conductor CA1 interconnect 0.8m £49.99/pr (was £58.72)

Baton Premier Plus RCA interconnect 0.8m £59.99 (was £90)

Baton Premier Plus XLR interconnect 0.8m £69.99 (was £110)