Chord Co SuperShield
The Chord Co has a new budget HDMI cable in the shape of the £50 SuperShield

'Pretty' is not a word we often use when describing HDMI cables, but in the case of the new £50 SuperShield from The Chord Company, it seems rather apt.

Swathed in a rather fetching turquoise jacket, the SuperShield is HDMI 1.3b certified and comes in 1m (£49.95), 3m (£69.95) and 5m (£89.95) lengths.

It uses 26awg oxygen-free copper for high conductivity, and low-density, gas-filled polyethylene insulation to give it improved dielectric properties.

Each of the pairs of conductors is protected by a dual-foil shield, and the cable itself is additionally shielded by a foil and high-density braid. The gold-plated connectors are soldered with lead-free solder.