chord company HDMI matrix switcher
£250 HDMI Switching Matrix is the company's first electronics product, offers four input and two outputs

Home cinema enthusiasts struggling to hook up complex systems, perhaps with both a TV and a projector, have a new solution to hand. New from The Chord Company is a four input/two output HDMI switching unit able to route any of the input sources to one of the two outputs.

That means the £250 Chord Company HDMI Switching Matrix will allow you to feed the output from your AV receiver to both a TV and a projector at the same time, or indeed route two different sources to the two outputs simultaneously.

Selection of input and output is made either on the front panel or using the remote control supplied, and the unit has three HDMI Type A inputs and two Type A outputs on the rear, plus one of the smaller Type C inputs on the front panel for rapid hook-up of the latest HD camcorders.

The HDMI Switching Matrix supports all TV resolutions up to and beyond current 1080p systems, is HDMI HDCP compliant and also back-compatible with DVI-D and DVI devices.

Powered from a 5V 1A offboard adapter, it measures just 11x2.5x8cm, and is available now.