LG LU4000
Line-up for this year includes eight LCD ranges and three plasma series, with screen sizes from 19in to 60in, and Freesat models on the way

Following on from our first look at the massive new TV haul from LG yesterday, we've now got some more information and UK model designations on the various ranges making up the company's 2009 HDTV offering.

Eight LCD TV ranges are coming, from the compact LU4000 (pictured) and LU5000 series, designed for small rooms and as 'second set' buys, to the top-end, wireless, LED backlit LH9500 55in model.

Meanwhile the plasmas kick off with the value-oriented PQ3000 series and run up to the PS8000 models, which feature a slim design and THX Display Certification.

Here's a glance at some more details, starting with the LCDs:

The LH9500, which only comes in 55in, has:

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• Full HD 1080p via Uncompressed Wireless Transmission from AV media box• TruMotion 200 Hz • LED backlighting with Local Dimming• 2,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio • 24p Real Cinema (5:5 Pulldown)• Intelligent Sensor for picture optimisation and energy saving• ISFccc Calibration capability• 4 HDMI version.1.3 with Deep Colour• USB 2.0 for access to digital music and photos (JPEG, MP3 Playback) • LG SimpLink (HDMI-CEC)• Smart Energy Saving

The LH7000 range, which is Full HD in 32, 37, 42 and 47in versions, has:

• TruMotion 100Hz• Integrated Bluetooth technology• ISFccc Ready• Intelligent Sensor• 24p Real Cinema (5:5 Pulldown)• USB 2.0 for access to digital music and photos (JPEG / MP3 Playback/ DivX HD) • 4 HDMI V.1.3 With Deep Colour• Smart Energy Saving

Down to the LH5000 range, also Full HD and in the same sizes as the LH7000s, and we lose integrated Bluetooth and TruMotion 200Hz on the 32in version, which is 100Hz.

The LH4000 models, again Full HD and in the same sizes, have 'only' 3 HDMIs and also lose the Intelligent Sensor system.

The LH3000 line-up - Full HD, same sizes - is similar to the LH4000s but with a slightly different panel technology and LG's Invisible Speaker technology.

The LH2000 range, which comes in 19, 22, 26, 32, 37 and 42in, is:

• HD Ready - 1366 x 768-pixel• Has 2 HDMI v1.3 with Deep Colour• Is ISFccc Ready• Smart Energy Saving (Energy Saving Trust recommended)• LG SimpLink ™ (32-inch and above)

Finally there are two 'designer' small screen ranges, the LU5000 and LU4000. The LU5000 22in and 26in models are Full HD, while the LU5000 19in and LU4000 19in and 22in models are HD-ready.

Deep breath, and on to the plasmas...

The PS8000 Full HD 1080p models, in 50in and 60in versions, feature a unique single-layer design that gives the appearance of a pane of glass. Key features include:

• THX Display Certification • 600Hz Smooth Motion (sub-field driving)• 4 HDMI version 1.3 with Deep Colour• ISFccc ready• USB 2.0 for access to digital music and photos (JPEG / MP3 Playback) • LG SimpLink Connectivity• Smart Energy Saving

Next step down is the PS6000 Full HD TV, which only comes in 50in, and has single-layer design with the appearance of a pane of glass and a variety of bezel colours to match home décor.

It has a similar spec to the PS8000, but lacks the ISF calibration preparation.

Finally there's the value range, the PQ3000, in 42in and 50in flavours. This range is only HD-ready, has one less HDMI than the PS6000, and has an Auto Volume Leveller system to stop adverts shouting at you.

Finally, some of these models will be appearing in the UK with integrated Freesat receivers. The plan is to add the facility to the LH7000 range later in the year, along with a new PQ6700 plasma Freesat model.