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Australian Hi-Fi March/April issue
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You’re probably watching more movies lately than ever before in your life. If the audio system you’re using doesn’t have a subwoofer, you’re missing out on all the deep bass movies have to offer. KEF’s awesome new KF92 subwoofer delivers a fantastic deep bass sound, is small enough to be inconspicuous in any room and it won’t break the bank. There’s a full review, complete with independent test laboratory measurements in Australian Hi-Fi March/April 2020.

KEF KF92 Subwoofer

KEF KF92 Subwoofer (Image credit: KEF)

Parasound Zphono XRM preamp

Have you been using your time at home to brush the dust off some of your old vinyl? It’s going to sound better if you add a good phono preamplifier to your hi-fi system, and in this issue we review and test the latest one from US manufacturer Parasound. The inexpensive full-featured ZPhono XRM does everything you could possibly want it to do, and does it all magnificently well. It even has a rumble filter!

Sony WF-1000XM3 true wireless earbuds

Everyone should own a pair of good noise-cancelling headphones, and Sony makes some of the best, especially the WH-1000XM3s. But if in-ear noise-cancellers are what you’re after, Sony’s new WF-1000XM3s are simply the best available, in terms of both sound quality and their ability to eliminate unwanted environmental noise. And they’re bargain-priced!

Sony WF-1000XM3

Sony WF-1000XM3 (Image credit: Sony)

Dynaudio Evidence Platinum loudspeakers

You won’t be able to afford them, and you’ll find it difficult to find a pair, but you should really listen to a pair of Dynaudio Evidence Platinum loudspeakers, because they really rip up the tower rulebook and will point you in the direction of the loudspeakers you should be buying…

Hi-Fi set-up interviews

Have you ever wondered what type of hi-fi equipment other people have in their homes? And why they purchased it? And if there’s any component they regretted having purchased… or discarded? Each month we take you into a private home to answer these questions and so we can ask a few of our own.

Expanded music section

This issue of has a bumper-sized music review section, with a Top Picks column dedicated to the best new Australian music, a Super Fidelity column that identifies not only great music, but also music that will sound great on your hi-fi system, plus special columns dedicated to reviewing new and re-released titles in the rock and jazz genres… in other words, pages and pages of music you’ll like.

Australian Hi-Fi Magazine’s March/April issue (#512) is ON SALE NOW at all good newsagents as well as digitally on Zinio (opens in new tab)

Australian Hi-Fi Magazine’s March/April issue (#512) is ON SALE NOW at all good newsagents as well as digitally on Zinio (opens in new tab). For print subscriptions visit

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