All OLED TV panels now being produced are upgraded OLED EX versions

All OLED TV panels now being produced are upgraded OLED EX versions
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If you buy a new OLED TV, chances are it will use an OLED EX screen rather than a standard OLED panel. That's because LG Display – manufacturer and supplier of OLED panels to all sorts of TV makers, including LG, Hisense, Panasonic and Sony – now exclusively produces OLED EX displays, reports FlatpanelsHD.

OLED EX screens have higher brightness levels than standard OLED screens – up to 30 per cent brighter, according to LG Display. Brightness has long been one of the chinks in OLED's armour, as TVs using the technology have struggled to match the older LCD tech in this area.

OLED EX panels combine deuterium compounds and "personalised algorithms" to enhance the stability and efficiency of the OLED, improving picture quality. LG Display supplies panels to more than 20 TV brands, including LG, Hisense, Sony, Panasonic, Philips and Vizio. Some of these brands market their TVs as OLED EX, while others use their own branding or just refer to them as OLED.

But just because LG Display has completed the transition to OLED EX, that doesn't guarantee your next OLED TV will feature the technology. Your shiny new TV might have been produced before LG Display had completed the switch in the second quarter of this year, or it might have been made more recently but use an older screen (this is more likely with cheaper OLED TVs). 

And some models don't use LG Display's panels – Samsung's S95B and Sony's A95K both use Samsung's QD-OLED panel, which is the only alternative to LG Display's OLED EX panel.

Still, it should be good news for TV buyers worldwide.


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    Who needs a TV so bright, you need sunglasses to watch it?
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    If HDR is any good the extra brightness capabilities should enable brighter peaks and enhance contrast ?