Our Verdict 
Better than run-of-the-mill mains cable, reproducing taut bass, but music doesn't flow as freely as it does with some other cables
Bass notes sound taut and nicely defined
crisp treble without being harsh
Can be a little sluggish with music
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Like the Ixos Overture XHP425-UK, the Merlin Tarantula will produce better results than a run-of-the-mill mains cable.

Bass notes sound taut and nicely defined. There's a great feeling of crispness and bite in the treble without it ever coming across as being harsh.

However, there are a few performance flaws that hinder the cable's rating. Rhythmically, the Tarantula isn't as confident or sure-footed as the top cables at this price.

Music doesn't quite flow as freely or as smoothly as it does with the Chord Company SuperScreen and vocals aren't allowed the same amount of space to breath.

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