Our Verdict 
A very fine, cheap travel speaker
Rechargeable battery and carry case
syncs with computer
good sound
Treble can be a little spiky, while bass isn't massive
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On the face of it, you get a decent-looking, but not design-world-shattering, iPod dock. However, nose around the Logitech mm50's feature list, and you begin to appreciate its appeal.

It's one of the few docks that comes with its own carry case, plus it's also notable for having a rechargeable battery – one that's good for an impressive 10 hours playback. Even the little feet, which turn 90 degrees to help support the chassis, are a neat touch, keeping the mm50 conveniently shallow when zipped up in its carry case.

And packed in a suitcase is where you might often find this Logitech – with these features making it the ideal travelling speaker system. And, don't forget, the mm50 also juices-up your iPod while it plays, meaning there's no need for you to pack a separate charger.

Listening at home or in a hotel room, though, you must accept an element of sonic compromise for all these extras. There isn't really a huge deal of bass to discuss, plus you'll notice the mm50's top end can be a bit excitable at times.

Happy holidays However, select a track with a bit of life, such as Outkast's Happy Valentine's Day, and the delivery zips along with bags of enthusiasm and sufficient verve to have you dancing round your beach bag.

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And though overall sound isn't as big or as loud as some, the Logitech's lack of reliance on mains power means it can follow you, bringing its sound to wherever you are. There's also a wider ‘3D stereo' option, though it mainly muddies the sound.

Leave that option off, though, and the mm50 will keep you smiling all day long. One final point: it's worth noting the mm50 has been superseded by the Pure-Fi Anywhere, so there are some great deals on mm50s around.