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More than just a basic upgrade to your TV sound, this soundbar is worth every penny
Well balanced
Large, versatile sound
Good detail
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First impressions go a long way, and the LG NB3520A’s clear and open sound grabbed our attention almost immediately.

As with all AV products, we left the NB3520A running in overnight, and the system settled into a strong and well-balanced performance.

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LG’s advice is to use this bar in a medium-sized room, but we found that it was more than capable of filling our fairly large listening room with graceful dynamics and plenty of crisp detail.

LG NB3529A review: Sound qualityIn particular, it handles quieter and dialogue-heavy scenes with great subtlety. Spin BBC’s Sherlock on Blu-ray, and the LG offers precise timing to deliver Holmes’ rapid-fire deductions and handles the elegant, richly-textured score with an impressive ease.

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Change gears to the all-out action assault of Armageddon on Blu-ray, and once more you’ll be fully immersed in the entertaining and wide soundfield.

Even without the 3D Sound option (which is best switched off, as it offers a oddly artificial sound), the LG disperses sound confidently round the room, with a deep and detailed soundstage that’s impressive for a £250 soundbar system.

LG NB3520A review: InstallationThe LG itself is nicely finished in high-gloss black, and it’s a doddle to set up. The slender soundbar contains a 2.5cm tweeter between two 6cm woofers for each channel, while the active subwoofer has 140W powering the 18cm driver. Altogether the system delivers an impressive (claimed) 300W.   

LG’s sub is large and weighty, but it’s flexible about positioning thanks to its wireless/ front-ported design.

It’s also taut and agile enough to accompany the OTT explosions peppered throughout Armageddon, with each impact hitting hard and deep.The sub adds to the overall enjoyment, and grants the system real authority.

Our only gripe on the specs is the lack of HDMI, which means the LG won’t play HD sound formats such as Dolby TrueHD or DTS HD.

However, there are digital optical and analogue inputs, a USB port and Bluetooth connectivity to stream music from any portable device.

LG NB3520A review: verdictAs an upgrade to basic TV sound, the LG is more than a just step up – it offers a quality and authority that’s very impressive. The £250 price-tag is equally convincing – and this soundbar set-up is definitely worth every penny.

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