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JVC isn’t at the very top of the pile yet, but based on this evidence it’s definitely on the way up
Premium build and smart, unique styling
subtle, realistic colours
excellent detail
very clean standard-def pictures
Imperfect contrast regardless of setup
could do with greater punch
motion judder
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JVC's projectors have impressed for a few years now, but its TVs have struggled to excite.

With the advent of this LT-47DV1BJ, though, we're sensing that's beginning to change.

The 'DV1 is a uniquely styled set that's just 7cm deep at its thickest point, and 4.5cm at the edges. That makes it great for wall mounting; those who sit it on a TV unit get a stylish, cross-shaped pedestal stand.

Worth taking time to set upGiven the amount of effort lavished on the styling of the unit, it's a shame that the menu system is so basic. Still, it is easy to navigate – a good thing, as you'll be spending a fair amount of time playing with the options to get the best from the set.

We found it at its best with both the brightness and backlight set a little higher than usual, and the Dynamic Backlight option switched on.

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This setup isn't perfect, and the JVC occasionally reduces its backlight too much in very dark scenes, sacrificing insight, but it's better than the alternative – a picture that's either always too bright or always too gloomy.

Besides, put those rare hiccups aside and the JVC is a mighty fine performer, with the Braveheart Blu-ray revelling in the subtle yet detailed delivery.

The subtlety is in the colours, so rather than over-blowing the greens of the Scottish Highlands, the JVC reproduces them in realistic, rural hues, and the detail on offer ensures you see all the texture in the tartan kilts and craggy faces.

Clean, stabled and detailedIt's equally impressive with standard-definition, producing a supremely clean, stable and detailed picture whether you're watching Brokeback Mountain on DVD or Top Gear on Freeview.

Despite the abundance of daftly named Maxx audio options, pictures are accompanied by fairly clear and controlled sound, too.

And flaws? Well, although our setup means the JVC's blacks are supremely deep, it can't combine these with the kind of punch we'd really like.

Then there's motion – although it's decent compared with some cheaper sets, it judders significantly more than the sterlingly solid Philips 47PFL7404.

In fact, it's the all-round ability of the excellent Dutch set that eventually holds this JVC back from its fifth star.

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