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Easy to use and good sound – a fine addition to a niche market
Simple to use
wireless sound
stereo inputs
supplied cables
good sound
Lack a little dynamic excitement
range could be better
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JBL'S primary area of expertise these days tends to be with monitor speakers. The Control 2.4G system is a pair of active monitors with a wireless twist.

The separate, wireless transmitter box is reasonably compact and has standard phono inputs. JBL supplies connecting cables with both 3.5mm and phono cables at the other end, allowing you to connect any multimedia player, hi-fi system, PC, laptop, DJ mixer, you name it, for wireless sound.

A credit-card-sized remote with volume, mute and source controls, and a set of wall brackets are also included.

Simple plug 'n' play set-upPlug the transmitter box in to mains power, do the same with the active speakers, and a green light on each unit will show you're up and running.

JBL reckons on a wireless distance of about 20 metres, while making standard 'range may vary' claims. We didn't get much luck going through thick walls, but across a large room it was fine.

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Sonically it's solid, too. Listening to The Beatles' Come Together, there's good punch and power, with no brashness to the treble or boom to the bass.

You won't get as much scale as from, say, the larger Audioengine A5s, while dynamics are a little restrained, but the overall impression is of an easy, balanced, engaging listen.

You can find better sound for your pounds, but this is nonetheless a fine example of the desktop powered speaker form, with a worthwhile wireless USP.

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JBL Control 2.4G
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