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Arcam AVR350 remote control problems - solution found.

Just thought I'd share this with other owners of Arcam AV receivers.

I recently purchased an Arcam AVR350 from ebay and whilst I'm happy with the audio performance of the unit, the remote control performance is not good.

In order for it to register a command, you need to point the remote directly at the machine. If there's something in the way or the angle is a bit off, nothing happens  :wall:

BTW All my other stuff is happy to receive commands from my Harmony remote at all sorts of angles and without direct line of sight.

Having googled for a solution to my woes (my wife wanted me to put it back on ebay) i found that it's got a socket on the back to add a remote IR sensor. Arcam recommend a Xantech unit that costs a lot (xantech dinky link at £100+).

It's a bit annoying that such a well regarded bit of kit should have such a problem, even if it is a budget unit. Interestingly, my dad's Onkyo AVR has the same problem.

Anyway, my solution was to seek out a cheaper unit that would work with the Arcam.

I found this one on Ebay and voila! it works! Dance 4


Now I can get control of the arcam from any direction, even with the remote tucked in my jacket pocket! I've put the sensor on top of my TV (next to the kids Wii remote sensor)





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Arcam 350 - turning on zone 2 with the remote (cr100)

Greetings ---

I have purchased an Arcam 350 a/v receiver with a cr100 remote control.  I'm still getting familiar with setting everything up and one thing I cannot successfully do yet (even though I have scoured the owner's manual) is to turn on zone 2 from the remote. 

There IS a button on the receiver to do this, however; that would be a gross inconvenience to do seeing that I'm across the room and I get requests from people in zone 2 to give them something to listen to. 

How does one turn on Zone 2 with the cr100 remote control?

Thanks kindly.




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I have used Xantech for years

I have used Xantech for the last 6 years, does cost more but never had a problem.

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