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Power cables

Hi all

Have been using a 16 strand criss cross braided mains lead on cd player for a few months now and an 8 strand (same type) on amp,decided to swap them over -16-amp-8-cdp to hear what if any the difference would be.

And 16 strand on the amp sounds fuller,but sound seems to come more from/ or in front of speakers.

By fuller I mean more solid,so might be a bit more rhythm coming through,difficult to describe a very noticeable change,sounds as good if not better in ways but missing the some of the airy spaciousness  sound that comes from around between and behind the speakers when 16 connected to cdp,when connected to cdp there seems to be more control and separation when busier more complicated music being played.

Has anyone else experienced this?

The "crap in crap out philosophy" says that the 16 should go on source/cdp.

But the lower impedance power for the amp says otherwise.

This leads me to thinking I should get another 16 for the amp.

Is it important that they match?,.