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HDMI V1.3 vs V1.4


 I know hdmi has been talked about to death, but I cant find any answers on this.

I have 3 hdmi leads that were bought a couple years ago.

Is it worth upgrading to v1.4

And lets not get into price vs quality. just wondering about the hz and deep colour and refresh rates they now claim.


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Re: HDMI V1.3 vs V1.4

Very simply no. None of your existing components will have any of the v1.4 features available since they'll all be built to the 1.3 standard at most.


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Re: HDMI V1.3 vs V1.4

You said simply no, so is it worth upgrading?

You said you get better features on the v1.4.

So Its worth upgrading? 


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Re: HDMI V1.3 vs V1.4

sorry miss read your post, will keep to what i got

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Re: HDMI V1.3 vs V1.4

Yet again, there is a lot of confusion surrounding HDMI specs.  The specs again apply to the equipment, not the cables but this isn't helped by retailed mislabelling their products.  The only difference will be additional wiring for ethernet and cables will, or should be labelled as cat1 (standard) with ethernet or cat2 (high speed) with ethernet, not v1.4.  The original cables will continue to be labelled as plain cat1 and cat2.


There is no v1.4 equipment out there and there isn't anything planned for the immediate future.  However, that may change at CES.

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Re: HDMI V1.3 vs V1.4
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