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Edifier iF330 Plus review

It might look smart and rather understated, but this Edifier packs a sound that's too cluttered for us and won't let music breathe Tested at £70.00

Our Verdict

Despite its smart looks this dock offers a cluttered and boxy sound that won't let music breathe


  • Smart looks
  • easy to use


  • Cluttered sound
  • lacks expression

The Edifier iF330 Plus looks rather smart and understated.

Your iPod sits in the stand that slides out from the front of the main unit. The gloss black chassis is devoid of buttons apart from the push in/pop out power button on the side.

The dock is driven using the accompanying remote control. It's quick and responsive to the touch.

But that's where our praise ends. The dock suffers from a closed in, boxy sound – Justin Timberlake's vocals lack openness and expression and he sounds like he's singing from inside the dock itself.

Bass weight is okay and treble doesn't sound too tinny, but overall the sound is cluttered and there's no space for all the elements of music to breathe.