• Ecosse The Composer
Our Verdict 
It might lack a bit of excitement, but you’ll never get tired of having it in your system
Lovely design
warm and punchy sound
easy to listen to over long periods
Not the most exciting interconnect we’ve heard
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Classy and understated with its dark blue sleeve and gunmetal grey plugs, the Composer is a luxurious-looking proposition. And at first listen, it’s a luxurious-sounding one, too.

Set to work conveying Ladyhawke’s My Delirium through our reference Cyrus CD6 SE CD player, Roksan Caspian M2 integrated amp and ATC SCM11 speakers, the Composer keeps a firm hand on the tiller. It’s a restrained performance, but not one that robs the music of all its energy.

There’s warmth here, but also punch – which makes for a pleasantly easy-listening performance. True, it might not set the world on fire in terms of excitement – that last iota of drama isn’t quite there – but then again, never does this interconnect get hard or annoying. Vocals are clear and nuanced, while there’s plenty of detail to rhythms.

It’s just that missing last push towards excitement that stops this interconnect from reaching five stars.

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