Best home cinema and AV deals - December

There are many routes to home cinema heaven, be it adding a soundbar to your flatscreen TV, going for a bigger picture with a projector or firing up a home cinema amp for a proper surround sound experience.

Black Friday has been and gone but with Christmas and the New Year around the corner you're pretty much guaranteed discounts on some very decent AV kit, including 4K Blu-ray players, streaming soundbars and portable projectors.

Blu-ray player deals

LG UBK90 4K HDR Blu-ray player for £248 £199 at John Lewis

This player does it all when it comes to discs, playing 4K Blu-rays and supporting many flavours of HDR, including Dolby Vision. Twin HDMI outputs allow you to split picture and sound. It also comes equipped with smart apps built-in for catch-up and on-demand streaming.View Deal

Sony UBP-X700 4K Blu-ray player at £199 £184 at Richer Sounds

The UBP-X700 delivers a lot of what the X800 offers below but in a more affordable package. So that means 4K and HDR support, including Dolby Vision. Oh, and brilliant picture quality.View Deal

Sony UBP-X800 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player at £399.99 £239 at Superfi

This Sony 4K and HDR Blu-ray player supports stunning Dolby Atmos with DTS:X sound and HDR images with BT.2020 colour. Plus you can stream audio to Bluetooth headphones for late night listening. View Deal

Soundbar deals

Sony HT-SF150 2-Channel Single Soundbar with Bluetooth £139.99 £99 at Superfi

Save a nice £40.99 on this simple and clean soundbar that will make any TV instantly enhanced when it comes to audio. The Bass Reflex speaker offers enough bass to give a punch to the sound while HDMI ARC offers simple connectivity.View Deal

Q Acoustics M2 soundbase for £299 £229 at Sevenoaks

This excellent Award-winning soundbase features 80W of power, a built-in subwoofer and BMR wide sound dispersion. While this enhances TV audio it'll also play high quality music thanks to aptX Bluetooth connectivity too. It sounds great, too.View Deal

Polk Command Bar soundbar £350 £249 at Amazon 

Alexa voice control in a soundbar? Sounds pretty nifty to us. To facilitate voice commands, the Command Bar has far-field microphones allowing users to ask Alexa the time or weather, to set an alarm or turn the lights off. Voice commands can also, say, change volume, sound modes and source selection on the bar itself.View Deal

Samsung Sound+ HW-MS650 3.0 soundar £699.99 £349 at Currys

Despite its slender profile this powerful soundbar crams in nine speakers for power and offers tuning to enhance speech for clearer dialogue when watching a connected TV. The sub is built-in offering plenty of power without taking up room. It even supports high-res audio and Bluetooth making it a great deal with that £370.99 saving.View Deal

Sony HT-ZF9 Dolby Atmos soundbar £650 £498 at Amazon

This Sony soundbar delivers a taste of Dolby Atmos surround sound in a more compact package. Despite being only a 3.1ch system, the ZF9 It does a very decent job of dropping you in the middle of the on-screen action. Features include 4K HDR support, twin HDMI inputs and Bluetooth streaming.View Deal

Denon Heos Bar with Heos Sub for £1279 £1099 at Superfi

This great soundbar and sub setup has dropped by £180 making this high-end system more affordable. 4K HDMI support and 9 powerful drivers make for a super cinema experience. You also get Wi-Fi and Bluetooth streaming for music and control via the HEOS app. View Deal

AV receiver deals

Marantz NR1509 Slim 5.2 Channel AV Receiver with HEOS for £499 £399 at Superfi

Save a nice £100 chunk off the price of this receiver from top audio specialist brand Marantz. With 6 HDMI inputs, 4K support and Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master audio support this is a powerful piece of kit for the price. Bluetooth, AirPlay and HEOS app support are just brilliant extras.View Deal

Denon AVR-X2500H 7.2ch AV receiver £549 £449 at Sevenoaks

Denon's entry-level amp sounds fantastic for the money. You won't be short of feature either, with eight HDMI inputs, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support and streaming from Spotify, Tidal, Deezer and Amazon.View Deal

Denon AVR-X3500H 7.2ch AV receiver £899 £799 at Richer Sounds

This Award-winning surround amp is a talented machine, rammed with features such as 4K HDR, hi-res audio and Apple AirPlay 2 support. It sounds the business with both music and movies, and at this price is an absolute bargain.View Deal

Yamaha RX-A1080 AV receiver for £1,299 £979 at Sevenoaks

This Yamaha AV receiver is a solid performer for the money and can be yours with a £200 saving. It's a 7.2 channel amp, with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, MusicCast and support for Alexa voice control.View Deal

Speaker packages

Q Acoustics 3050i 5.1 Cinema Pack speaker package for £1345 £1199 at Sevenoaks

Combine 3050i floorstanders with 3010i standmounts and you get a speaker package that's so good it's one of our reigning Products of the Year. Get it for £146 less than its original price and enjoy.View Deal

Focal Sib Evo 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos speaker package for £799 £699 at Sevenoaks

Upfiring drivers help give this Focal package Dolby Atmos status, while a 200W subwoofer delivers low end grunt. It's a stylish and compact 5.1.2 set-up, now with a £200 saving.View Deal

Projector deals

Epson EB-W05 LCD projector £360 £328 at Amazon 

We haven’t tested this particular model, but this 1280 x 800 resolution Epson projector shouldn’t have trouble with playback of DVDs and Blu-rays. The above-par 3,300-lumen brightness should make it suitable for darker environments and well-lit rooms. View Deal

BenQ W1700 '4K' projector £1149 £999 at Richer Sounds

Another 4K projector creeping in under the £1000 mark. The W1700 is a fine projector for the money. Skin tones are balanced and it's a good upscaler too, so your DVD library will also be taken care of.View Deal

Streaming sticks

Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa for £39.95 £24.95 at Argos

The first-generation Fire TV stick is a sophisticated way to get smart functionality to your TV. It also has the added bonus of voice control. Everything is wrapped up in an intuitive and easy-to-use package, now with a £15 saving.View Deal

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K £50 £39.95 at John Lewis

One of the best 4K video streamers you can buy right now. And at £35 it's an absolute bargain. It supports a wide range of apps you need and all major HDR formats including Dolby Vision. View Deal