Our Verdict 
The Vision M is something of an iPod imitator, but it doesn’t quite match its inspiration
Nice iPod-like styling
very good picture and sound performance
The iPod Classic is even better
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Of all the portable video players we've seen, the Zen Vision M stands out as being the nearest in style and approach to the iPod Classic.

The Vision M has a 2.5in screen. We've said before that this is a little small to be watching a long film on, and the Creative's display doesn't change our mind.However, picture quality is high, while the sound is full-blown and expansive, offering good detail and an attractively punchy bass.

At £150 this 30GB model (the 60GB costs £190) is pretty good value for money, but it's a little poorer than the iPod Classic for picture, usability and looks.

Overall, this once five-star product is still worth an audition, but if you're looking for a stronger Apple-alternative, check out its ‘W' sibling.