Our Verdict 
In the right system this Chord cable is brilliant. The Plus builds on the strengths of the original without losing anything in the process
Breathtaking resolution and dynamics
impressive composure and authority
Only makes sense in the highest of high-end systems
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Some people will never be able to get past the Indigo Plus's hefty price. But, expensive though it is, used in the right set-up these interconnects are extraordinary.

Those with systems below the five grand mark shouldn't even think about getting them. It only really starts to make sense with systems at around double that.

The original Indigo was dynamic, bold and musical in a way that eluded most rivals.

The 'Plus' is noticeably cleaner, unearthing even more subtle details. The differences aren't of the night and day variety, but they are enough for the Plus to keep the Indigo at the cutting edge of high-end interconnects