• Canton Movie 125 MX
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We liked the Canton at £500, so at £400 we’re properly smitten
nicely made and finished
vibrant, balanced sound
Fiddly speaker bindings
not quite as composed with music
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Hacking £100 off the asking price right after a product’s been the subject of an effusive five-star First Test isn’t a common marketing strategy.

So hats off (and possibly wallets out) for Canton, which isn’t prepared to let the Movie 125 MX rest on its considerable laurels.

Your £400 buys four identical satellite speakers (each managing to cram a 15mm tweeter and 80mm mid/bass driver into a cabinet measuring just 12 x 9 x 10cm) and a dedicated centre speaker with an additional mid/bass unit.

All five have diabolically fiddly binding posts seemingly designed to make you glad they only need wiring once. They’re joined by a functional-looking 140W sub with a forward-facing, 20cm driver.  

Open, detailed and engagingGiven a decent amount of running in, this little set-up delivers soundtracks in an open, detailed and engaging manner.

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The DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack to Inception is a stern test of steering, dynamics and a system’s ability to provide a powerful sense of dread, and the Movie 125 MX relishes the challenge.

The level of crisp attack at the top end is well judged, midrange information (particularly dialogue through the centre channel) is lean and distinct, and the hard-working sub offers solid support without making a song and dance about it.

The soundstage the Canton presents isn’t the most expansive, but its unity and coherence more than compensates. Wind up the volume, and the Movie 125 MX just gets louder, only hardening its tonality at the most unrealistic and antisocial levels.

Unflappable, yet excitingThanks to its poise, drive and impressive integration, the Canton combines unflappability with excitement in a manner that somewhat belies its price.

There’s no let-up in excitement when switching to two-channel music, though the overall presentation of Duane Eddy’s Primeval is a little coarse. The subwoofer, particularly, is a bit exposed, but at least it doesn’t overplay its hand.

And anyway, a lack of out-and-out fidelity with music shouldn’t detract from the sterling work the Canton does when performing its primary function – delivering your surround movie soundtracks.

And as small, nicely made and glossily finished budget-conscious speaker packages go, the Movie 125 MX is beautifully realised.

You won’t be staggered to learn that this new, improved price-point of just £400 only strengthens the Canton’s grip on its five-star recommendation.

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