Our Verdict 
Exceptional in certain areas, but not as rounded as the very best under £3000
Deliver an impressive amount of bass
Not as cohesive as we would like between the bass, mid and treble
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Skim through the spec sheet for these B&W speakers and the 90dB/w/m sensitivity and 8 ohm nominal impedance won't give much of a clue to the 804Ss' thirst for watts.

However, drive them with anything less than a 150-watt amplifier and you'll find the sonic results rather flat. Get things right though by using something like our 300 watts per channel reference Brystons, and they really come to life. And we mean really… Favour the low frequenciesIn certain areas these B&Ws are outstanding: their midrange is wonderfully fluid and transparent, while all kinds of music is delivered in a fast, detailed and incredibly articulate fashion.These 804S floorstanders also deliver an impressive amount of bass, and their treble is alluring. ­

To criticise, we'd like greater midrange bite and better cohesion between the bass, mid and treble. However, they're still a lot of fun.