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Best TVs 2020

Product of the year

Best 48-50in TV over £1000

Sony KD-48A9

Sony’s first 48-inch OLED is extraordinarily good

Best buys

Best 40-43in TV

Samsung UE43TU7100

A strikingly good performance-per-pound proposition

Best 48-50in TV under £1000

Samsung UE50TU8500

A great option for those on a tight budget

Best 55-58in TV under £1000

Samsung UE55TU8000

Samsung tops the mid-range for yet another year

Best 55-58in TV over £1000

Philips 55OLED805

An excellent picture performance and strong sound make this a class-leader

Best 65in TV under £2000

Sony KD-65XH9005

One of the best performance-per-pound TVs you can buy

Best 65in TV over £2000

Philips 65OLED805

Not only does it look and sound better than its rivals, it’s cheaper and has Ambilight

Best 8K TV

Samsung QE75Q950TS

This set makes the most compelling case for 8K TV yet