Our Verdict 
A truly fine cable in just about every sense of the word
Luxurious imagery
lack of noise, smooth sound
well formed bass
Maybe a slight lack of dynamics
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In the snazzy and neat looking Forest, Audioquest has produced a worthy cable that's very nearly the match of the all-powerful Chord Supershield.

From the off it's apparent the Forest is a nifty performer. Images through this HDMI are sharp, with crisp, well defined edges, while contrasts here are luxurious, yet refreshingly natural at the same time.

Those who like their images to be detailed won't be disappointed, and we've no quibbles with the supple motion and marked lack of noise either.

Open, smooth soundWhen it comes to sonics, this Audioquest also can hold its own, with an open, smooth sound that packs a taut and well formed bass.

So why isn't it a class-leader? Well, much as we warm to the sound, we'd like more punch and dynamics there as well, although it's fair to say they're only barely lacking.

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This is truly a fine cable, and it's a tough call between it and its nearest rivals.

Other cables may have the dynamic might, but the images of the Audioquest are something to behold. It's really swings and roundabouts, and that means this worthy HDMI gets top whack.

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Audioquest Forest
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