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Sonos One Gen 2 brings upgraded specs (and a price cut for Gen 1)

Sonos One Gen 2 brings upgraded specs and a price cut for Gen 1

New Sonos products are kind of a big deal but Sonos is doing its best to play down the release of its latest hardware. The Sonos One Gen 2 is the new speaker in question and in truth it comes with only minor internal tweaks, albeit ones that should mean better performance.

Sonos tells us the new Sonos One Gen 2 has had some small internal updates, including "the addition of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), an updated processor, and increased memory". But there's no affect on the overall features available nor to the external design.

In fact, the biggest difference for consumers right now might be the fact you can save some money on the original, 'Gen 1' Sonos One. The Sonos One will continue to be £179/$179 while stocks last, while the new Gen 2 will set you back £199/$199.

Bluetooth Low Energy is used for connecting to your phone when setting up the device, so this process could be improved on the Gen 2, while an updated processor suggests faster operation. There's no specific detail on what the internal upgrades are for or what benefits they will bring but we'd expect future updates to arrive that rely on these upgraded components.