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Chord Company Chameleon Plus review

After a revamp, looks and sounds even better than before Tested at £135

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

Another one of our Chord favourites has a revamp – and emerges looking and sounding even better than before


  • Gives your kit a serious shot in the arm


  • Nothing

Chord’s Chameleon Plus analogue interconnect has been with us a while now. Like its cheaper Crimson sibling, it has been updated with plastic-shrouded plugs to improve an already creditable performance.

Given the excellent Immerseel version of Bolero, we found our Audiolab 8200 CD player and Moon i-3 amplifier reference kit worked with the Chameleon Plus to serve up a fast-paced, rich sound, packed with lashings of detailing and a dynamic punch.

Essentially, the effect of the Chamelon Plus is to give your kit a serious shot in the arm – an overly dull system would certainly benefit from its ability and verve, and it would certainly sit happily in systems with mid-priced to high-level components.

It’s a relief then to be able to praise this supple and subtle interconnect after its facelift, and not to bury it instead. It didn’t need fixing in the first place, but it’s certainly got better.

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