Android Smartphones & Tablets


£ 600

Asus Transformer Pad flies the flag for Android in some style

£ 160

A great option for Amazon users, but the appeal doesn’t stop there

£ 400

Average video, so-so build and inflexible features leave us underwhelmed

£ 159

Awards 2012 Product of the Year - Portables. A cut-price, top-performing, super-portable tablet

£ 360

If you don't fancy HTC's larger smartphones, the pocket-friendly One S might just be what you need

£ 300

Lots to like, but audio and video playback isn't great

£ 0

Alluring but all round performance is average

£ 500

Slim, versatile tablet that morphs into a notebook

£ 330

A smart looking tablet, but sluggish navigation and average sound let it down

£ 570

Could this big-screen Samsung Galaxy Note replace your phone and tablet?