Hi-fi speakers


£ 3250

Unarguably the most rounded Naim speakers we’ve ever heard

£ 1825

Best standmounter £1500+, Awards 2013. Impressive authority and scale for their size

£ 300

Funky design and fast-paced sound – just not good enough

£ 600

Charming in many ways, but don't do big bass or big volume

£ 300

Focal brings hi-fi sound to the desktop

£ 1800

Produce a beautifully powerful sound for such relatively diminutive boxes

£ 290

Great desktop sound from these upgraded powered speakers

£ 120

An update makes the Q Acoustics 2010i a budget belter

£ 2700

The F5s are a rare thing: a style product that delivers proper audiophile sound

£ 1500

Want some small speakers that (almost) do it all? Try these, they're terrific all-rounders