Hi-fi speakers


£ 755

Entertainers of the highest order: sit them on solid stands, feed them a decent signal and they will not fail to deliver

£ 1200

A little more expression in the midrange and an extra ounce of finesse and we would give them five stars

£ 1700

Style speakers without compromise, competing with the very best at this price level

£ 775

When it comes to music, the Studio 110s set massively high standards - fast, punchy and dynamic

£ 550

An energetic performer that delivers great scale and insight for the money

£ 1440

The Studio 140s flow with the music, delivering power, punch and insight as and when they’re needed

£ 899

Not many speakers can match the Ikon 6’s combination of full-bodied midrange, treble sparkle and crisp timing

£ 1600

Whether you listen to Prokofiev, the Prodigy or Prince, the 805Ss will serve you spectacularly well

£ 899

These are hugely musical speakers: their swift, rhythmical presentation belts out pieces in dynamic style

£ 3500

These stunning speakers should be on any high-end auditioning list