Hi-fi speakers


£ 750

Attractive set that adds depth and expression although it does miss a step when it comes to the bass

£ 1000

The perfect solution for those who want to add active speakers to a Mac or PC and get hi-fi levels of performance

£ 250

These small cabinets struggle to muster a real sense of scale to truly fill the room

£ 2750

Outlandish shaped speakers but treat them right and you'll be deeply rewarded.

£ 8800

Good looking, solid and superb sounding, the A.C.Ts are truly the best in their class

£ 160

A price-hike and some new rivals finally oust the Tannoys from the budget top table

£ 3250

They may not look anything special, but once you hear these ProAcs you'll understand why they're so good

£ 5060

These speakers' amazing form is dictated by function, not convention or tradition

£ 2700

Exceptional in certain areas, but not as rounded as the very best under £3000