Hi-fi speakers


£ 500

JVC's SX-WD10 stereo speakers may look good, but even the innovative wood cones can't save them from a two star fate

£ 2200

These floorstanding Spendors offer you a natural sound that's packed with scale and authority

£ 5500

They're unorthodox, but the R907s can really shine - provided your room is big enough to accommodate them

£ 780

B&W's CM5s look like the Award-winning 685s in a posh frock, but can they cut the mustard?

£ 250

We'd expected much from Epos's ELS8s, but instead we found they were wanting in terms of personality

£ 349

They might be small, but we found these Tannoys come complete with a big, sonic heart

£ 600

The new Acoustic Energy Radiance 1 hi-fi speakers are good, but they're not entirely the finished article

£ 3390

With these Neat standmounters, you'll struggle to find a more enjoyable listen for the money

£ 1000

These are not the best all-rounders in the Mezzo range, but they are still very likeable

£ 299

Seemingly tuned with budget kit in mind, the Dalis remain solid upgrade speakers