Micro and style systems


£ 300

A versatile all-in-one worth seeking out a deal on

£ 310

Best music system up to £400, Awards 2013. A stunning sounding system, that makes up for its lack of features in pure sonic ability

£ 300

User-friendly, but hamstrung by its lacklustre sound

£ 500

A decent micro, but needs more development to iron out a few bugs

£ 340

Looks good but the feel and the sound disappoint

£ 350

The Pioneer X-HM70 offers functionality unheard-of in micros

£ 400

Capable and fun to listen to, but not the best

£ 240

Comprehensive spec sheet and impressive sound, though lacks a little oomph

£ 380

Vastly improved over the original, but it still doesn’t excite us enough for five stars

£ 550

The TEAC CR-H700DAB has Air-Play and wi-fi built-in, but it's not a complete all-rounder