Speaker cables


£ 131

Despite the Extreme name, this I.M.P. cable is a little bit boring

£ 6

Long-time champ overtaken by newcomers - but still a great performer

£ 50

A massively detailed cable that reveals subtleties with refinement

£ 19

This speaker cable has a well separated, detailed sound but lacks in the bottom end

£ 5

Stellar performance from a biwire cable priced firmly at ground-level

£ 5

Well put together, but not worth the price premium

£ 9

Interchangeable ends are a nice touch, but performance is nothing special

£ 10

A decent enough cable that excels with timing

£ 125

You need expensive kit to justify this cable, but it’s one of the most effective upgrades you’ll ever hear

£ 26

This is a supremely well-balanced cable that does most things very well