HDMI and video cables


£ 30

Designed to fit where space is tight but it's a lightweight effort

£ 90

Solid picture and sound from this own-brand HDMI cable

£ 4

The Lindy HDMI Cable is cheap but it's not very cheerful

£ 26

Best HDMI cable, Awards 2012

£ 70

A more than capable upgrade for your home cinema set-up, but the Atlas just lacks that touch of flair

£ 35

If you need ethernet the QED Performance HDMI-e feels like it's built to last

£ 20

There's nothing wrong with this solidly made Lindy HDMI, but there's nothing distinguished about it either

£ 95

Chord's replacement for the old Active HDMI cable is equally as worthy as its storming predecessor. For £95 what's not to like?

£ 80

Part of an intriguingly named range of cables, Audioquest's Cinnamon is a confident and sassy performer that would improve any system

£ 60

Best HDMI cable £50+, Awards 2010. Everything about this cable is top-notch: it delivers excellent sound and vision