Audio interconnects (digital)


£ 43

Smooth operator with refined and pleasing sound, and a really well-made feel.

£ 45

Despite its designed rigidity, this lacks in punch, sounding laid back compared to rivals

£ 50

Rigid cable design that feels durable but It doesn't handle soundtracks well

£ 40

Best optical digital cable, Awards 2012. It's well made and robust, and tweaks have improved the sound

£ 32

The Atlas Fibre Optic's revealing and dynamic sound makes this a fine budget cable

£ 35

Best digital interconnect, Awards 2010. Excellent optical lead for, say, hooking your Sky box to your receiver

£ 20

Not the most impressive cable for £20

£ 120

Beefy, breezy cable with plenty of composure

£ 60

The sonic signature it brings to bear isn’t the most enjoyable we’ve heard

£ 30

Best Buy Awards 2012. Impressive coaxial cable