Audio interconnects (digital)


£ 55

A good way to upgrade your digital music set-up

£ 70

Following a change from metal to plastic plugs the Chord Prodac interconnect is even more of a class-leader than before

£ 25

If you got a budget laptop and want to add a budget DAC the Audioquest Forest USB is ideal for connecting them

£ 65

This handy sized Bluetooth receiver does exactly what it says on the tin, and at a great price too

£ 40

Its a stablemate to the Prowire series of cables, but this Vivanco has more assurance and composure

£ 90

It's hard to fault a cable that has as many plus points as the Starlight 6, especially at this competitive price

£ 25

This showy looking cable from Vivanco may do the job adequately, but there's better out there for the money

£ 80

This is a beautifully made cable from QED, but we'd really like more in the way of sonic thrills

£ 90

We like this Ecosse for its sense of space and its capable handling of higher frequencies

£ 185

We know it's pricy, but if you want a brilliant sound, then there's no denying that Clearer Audio's Optimus should be on your test list