Audio interconnects (analogue)


£ 90

Atlas has improved its award winning Equator stereo interconnect and added high quality RCA plugs to create the Equator Superior

£ 190

QED's new flagship interconnect offers great dynamics and punch

£ 50

The CA1.2 is an able interconnect, but unlike its Award-winning predecessor it can't quite match up to its rivals

£ 995

It might cost megabucks, but Chord's Indigo Plus is worth the money if you have the system to match

£ 150

Another fine interconnect from QED, but it remains a few short steps off class-leading cable status

£ 100

The Wave has a formidable array of talents and is one of the best cables at this kind of money

£ 10

You can get a better MP3 connectors by spending a little more

£ 13

Good value cable which will produce a reasonably exciting sound from an MP3 player

£ 15

This coiled version doesn't sound as good as the standard straight 3011-AUXCBL interconnect

£ 15

Good value 1.8 metre cable with 3.5mm plugs for MP3 players