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Breo de Janeiro

Tested at £65

The Breos uncover a decent level of detail but the presentation is closed-in. They can't compete with some rivals agility.

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  • Fit well
  • gentle on the ears
  • uncover decent levels of detail


  • Closed-in presentation
  • lack agility

We're not too sure about the orange and grubby-grey colour scheme of the Breos, but you might think differently.

On the plus side, these headphones feel secure and the ear pads are gentle on your lugholes.

For the money, the Breos uncover a decent level of detail, and maintain an even tonal balance. However, dynamics are clouded by the thick, closed-in presentation.

The bass weight is plentiful and the Breos go relatively deep.

Trouble is, they also tend to be heavy-handed and lack the agility of rivals.

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